Here from Sliger? Welcome!

We’ve got you covered with a fantastic custom PC build, suitable for any budget, assembed elegantly inside any of Sliger’s cases.

We use the best quality parts in the world, so you can be sure that everything will be compatible with your SFF build and last for years to come.

sligertall sm590

What you might want:

– Custom Cables? We got it.

– Open loop liquid cooling? Sure.

– RGB to light up your entire room? The sky is the limit.

– Ability to play AAA games and fit in a backpack? Say no more.

We love SFF cases, so naturally…
We’re teaming up with the best SFF [small form factor] case company in the business: SLIGER

Thanks to this collaboration, you’re about to see great things from both of us! And Artesian’s own cases will continue to be made in the USA with the best materials available.


Fit & Finish

Improved surface finish and overall case quality on cases like Ark (avium), Aegis, Aerie, Pluto, Relic, Artifact, and more!

Fast Development Cycles

Our engineers will work to develop the best new cases around with even more resources!


We’ll create even more interesting partnership opportunities for our two brands; like new case reviews and builds for top creators!



We’ll continue to use amazing materials from the best material suppliers and distributors.


Sharing Ideas

Incorporating the best practices we’ve learned along the way, we’re going to gather even more customer feedback to deliver better finished products.

Stunning Designs

Practical engineering, beautiful interior and exterior architecture – we’re crafting cases that’ll be better than ever.

Interested in a new sliger SFF build?

Solving big problems in tiny cases!

SFF is all about efficiency. Look elsewhere if you want 15 RGB fans. We’re talking tasteful, aesthetically pleasing designs that maximize the use of space in cases that easily fit in a backpack, on a desk, or even in your boat! [yes, boat]

Fantastic SFF Sliger Cases

Custom Configurations

Sliger Gallery

Check out these beautiful builds in Sliger cases for inspiration. 

Our SFF configurator can help you pick the perfect parts to put inside a Sliger chassis.

Note: We normally craft our PCS live on our Twitch channel where a whole world of fun extra options awaits for your build, so let us know if you’d like to see your build done live. Note: this may slightly extend your lead time. Inquire for updates/details. Because we want you to get your Sliger rig as fast as possible, the DEFAULT option is standard production, NOT live production.

Want to DIY?

We’ve got you covered.

While out custom builds mixed with Sliger’s cases present a fun fusion hat competitors just cant touch… we understand something like 50% of you visiting these pages know how to build you own PCs already!

So if you just want the cases for your own build, that’s okay! We won’t be sad if you only buy a chassis from Sliger or from our own workshop! 

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