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Raise3D has partnered up with Artesian Builds to offer amazing 3D printers directly to you, and they may even come with discounts if you purchase a 3d printer AND an Artesian Builds PC together. Why Raise3D? They make one of the world’s best large format printers, capable of bringing some truly huge and interesting designs to life without breaking the bank. Usually, industrial size printers cost tens of thousands of dollars! Not anymore. Now you can print big without a big price-tag. We recommend starting out with the E2 if you’re new to 3D printing, and graduating to the Pro2/Pro3 series when ready for some truly HUGE print volume!

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Desktop 3D Printer with Dual Extruders

E2 by Raise3D

Precise, Reliable, Affordable

Advanced 3D printing capabilities for desktop engineering, schools, and small batch manufacturing.

Dual Extruder 3D Printer with High Resolution

Pro2 by Raise3D

Fully Enclosed, Industrial Grade Workhorse

Print complex parts, support a variety of filaments and improve print speed. Recognized as the benchmark and gold standard for serious 3D printing applications and 24/7 reliability.

Large Format 3D Printer with a Large Build Volume

Pro2 Plus by Raise3D

Fully Enclosed, Dual Extrusion, and More

When big jobs call for big parts, professionals choose the award-winning Pro2 Plus. With high-resolution printing capabilities, the Pro2 Plus was manufactured to produce final-product printing quality.

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