Artesian Exclusive: Real Triceratops Skull Case with Computer Inside – World 1st Late Cretaceous Edition


Capturing a timeless blend of ancient nature and modern technology, this world exclusive project undertaken by Artesian Builds seeks to seamlessly integrate machinery from the digital age with a very literal homage to a creature from the Earth’s past. Born in the late Cretaceous and excavated quite recently, this project is not only the oldest but also very clearly the most expensive desktop personal computer ever to be constructed.

The dinosaur skull is of course, like any, one of a kind and never to be produced again… given its owner is long gone.

The computer within will break barriers with its sheer level of customization and performance, able to easily breeze through any task for years to come. And when it’s time to upgrade, we’ll ensure that custom components are made available which still support the ethos of this project.

The skull is a truly frightening size, as large as a car. Please consider this for final placement in your property. Double doors or extra large dock doors will be required to get the skull inside. Artesian Builds can assist in negotiating construction projects needed surrounding the placement and display of the machine/skull.

The skull was excavated in USA and is nearly complete, representing one of the rarest pieces available anywhere in the world.

Details of Specimen:

  • Hell Creek Formation, South Dakota
  • Late Cretaceous Period (65 Million Years Old)
  • Legally discovered and excavated on private land.
  • Features Teeth Bite marks on the squamosal frill, shown in photos.
  • No Restoration at all other than cleaning the sediment off of it. Crack fill to hair line cracks;  100% all natural specimen.
  • Professionally mounted; Not fused together with unnatural substances. This is an AUTHENTIC TRICERATOPS SKULL FOSSIL
  • Serious Buyers can arrange to see the specimen in person if wanted


  • The left horn is 32 inches long x 8.5 Inches wide – and up to 12 inches thick
  • The right horn section is 56 inches long (measured as entire piece. Actual horn is approximately 44 inches long.
  • Right Squamosal Frill is 45 Inches tall; 20 Inches in width (measured directly in the middle; obviously much wider if measured from tip) 
  • Parietal Frill is 50 Inches Wide x 44 Inches Tall; 25 inches wide measured at the bottom (see photos)
  • Right Face piece (the one with the right horn connected to it) is 25 Inches wide x 23 Inches
  • Left Squamosal Frill is 61 Inches tall x 26 Inches wide (measured as entire piece as shown in photos)
  • Jaw Piece is 17 Inches x 13 Inches
  • Rostrum is 19.5 inches long x 4.5 inches thick x 16 inches tall
  • Entire Skull is 6 feet Wide
  • On the mount from the ground to top of skull; it measures 74 inches tall (6 Foot 2 inches)

Included with this order are:

  • Exclusive hand-delivery anywhere in the world from the Artesian Builds Team. [Guarded truck transport delivery anywhere in the continental USA.]
  • Full steel armature mounting for the skull. [wheels/casters included, so you can wheel the unit around on any flat surface]
  • Non-destructive computer component mounting inside the steel mount elements, so as not to damage the bone in any way.
  • Enhanced armoring and sealing of bone in areas of high fragmentation.
  • Professional recording of the build and delivery of the project to final destination. (with respect to client’s privacy)
  • A ~$20,000 world class desktop computer with industry-leading specs at the time of construction fitted inside the skull and themed in a dinosaur/archaeological style.
  • Laser etched metal placard indicating 1/1 Art Piece status for the skull, including signatures of the team involved in construction of the PC and in the excavation of the skull.
  • Certificate of authenticity and full pictorial and written survey of the archaeological dig.
  • Media coverage if desired. [Optional at $0 cost to you]

For any questions, comments, or to inquire about purchase of the Triceratops Skull PC, please email our team: P[email protected]
Payment shall be rendered via secure escrow and wire services to ensure security in the transaction. You may also choose to broker the transaction through an auction house or luxury arts dealer. 


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