NZXT H1 Rear Fan Bracket


Adds 2 X 140mm Exhaust Fan Mounts



Product description

Bracket secures to the rear of the H1 with included screws. Fans include their own screws. The bracket may be flipped up or down, it has no orientation. Fans insert from the open side of the bracket. Fans should EXHAUST air from the back of the case. (fan label/cables face OUTWARD so they are visible when you look at the case from the back)

Step 1: screw fans into bracket
Step 2: screw bracket into case with included screws passing through the holes in the case's rear perforated panel. (Philips head m3)
Step 3: combine fan cables with fan splitter (included if you buy fans) and attach that to your motherboard
That's it, you're done. Reinstall the rear panel as you ordinarily would

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