Custom Painted Cases – ANY color imaginable


Beautiful cases, custom designs or NOT custom designs… it’s all groovy here. Choose from a truly staggering array of colors and get a case we know you’ll love to love for years to come.
You can also get custom UV prints in our normal listings, so check those out too!
Elsewhere, art style cases featuring the art of prominent digital creators and our own artists and our partners’ art might be available! Go check it out!

If you want to suggest a color, please email [email protected] Thank you for coming to this listing and thank you for coming to my TED talk.

NOTE: If you have already purchased a case from us, please use this listing and we will refund you the cost of the case!

Please select either a single color theme OR color combination theme; you cannot select both. [use the N/A option for 1] 



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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 24 × 18 in

Lian Li 011 Dynamic, Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL, Phanteks Evolv X, Phanteks 719, Lian Li 011 Dynamic MINI, Cooler Master Cosmos 700M, Azza Pyramid, H710, H510, Fractal Meshify C, Sliger SM500 series, Artesian Pluto, Artesian Ark (frame), Phanteks Elite

Single Color Themes

N/A, I will select a Color Combo, White, Black, Cream, Yeti Crream, Toyota Sienna Brown, Bright Lime Green, Caution Yellow, Ice Blue, Sky Blue, Crimson Red, Fire Engine Red, Pearl White, Forest Green, Midnight Blue, Galaxy Black (glitter?), Kelly Green, Rivian Green, Tesla Red, Metallic Deep Blue, Mint Green, Cobalt Blue, Turquoise, Walking Dead Coral, Burgundy, Champagne Beige, Scarlet Red, Teal, Vibrant Royal Purple, Zombie Green, Green Pickle Rick, Neon Emergency Yellow, Zima Blue, White Walker Ice White, Rich Tanned Leather, Poor Tanned Leather, Magenta, Molten Core Magma Orange, Yogg Saron Green, Benedict Cucumberpatch Green, Eggs Benedict, Amouranth Amaranth, Sepia (includes yellowed glass), Cotton Candy Pink, Matrix Green, Snoop Dogg Vapor Gray, Tony Stark Red, Ned Stark Wolf Gray, Heisenberg Blue, Shrek Green, Proton Purple, Starlord Leather Red, Death Star Gray, Noah's Ark Wooden Brown, Orange Mocha Frappuccino, ROG Republic Red, NVIDIA Green, Indigo, Outdago, Indigo Montoya, Blue Steel, Frankincense and Myrrh, Frankenstein Green, Pyrrhic Ochre, Clockwork Orange, Orange Catholic Bible [Go Read Dune!], Lavender Ice Cream, Turning Violet Violet, Desert Dune Tan, Ultra-ultraviolet, Soulless Ginger, Patrick Star Pink, Sushi Salmon, Sushi Tuna, Seaweed Blackish Green, Carnelian, Jurassic Park Amber, Gunmetal Gray, Gunmetal Blue, Gunmetal Pink, Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels Gray, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Silver, Gold, Cardinal Red, ASUS TUF Yellow, Nether Purple, Obsidian Black, Paradox Periwinkle, Upvote Orangered, Downvote Bluish Purple, Peppermint Patty, Mossy Sage, Lichen Green, Lycanthrope Green, Paprika, Bombadil Brown, Streamer Rage Red, Salty Salt White, Tortoise Turquoise, Monka Monkey Brown, Caramel Camel, Sunless Tan, Liz Lemon, Little White Lie, Monochrome, Duke Silver, Goldfinger Gold, Greener Pastures, Platinum Blonde, Woman in the Red Dress, High Ho Silver, Amber Waves of Grain, Purple Mountain Majesty, Fool's Gold, Tourmaline, Watermelon, Mango Tango, Emerald City, Beryl Streep, Christmas Cranberry, Turkey Dinner Beige, Snozberry, Peach Melba, Lime Zest, Cheesecake, Forrest Gump Green, Roxberry Berry, Driftwood Brown, Ash Ketchup, Strawberry Fields, White of the Living Dead, Blue Suede Shoes, Mutant Turtle Green, Lobster Bisque, Blackrock Depths, Mad Max Shiny and Chrome, Goldie Hawn, Blue Berrymore, Split Pea Soup, Carrot Cake, Carrot Top, Pink 182, Plum-er, Jack Black, Blue Bayou, Blue Screen of Death, Pink Panther, The Green Mile, Yellow Submarine, Dark Humor, Acid Green, Antacid Pink, Venom Black, Antivenom White, Carnage Red, Doctor Blue, My Precious Gold, Black to Square One, Hoth White, Endor Green, Pigment of your Imagination, V for Violetta, Linus Lazuli, Ruby, Sapphire, Garnet, Jasper, Piece of Heart Red, Stamina Yellow, Red Planet, Purple People Eater, Perfect Peridot, Twitch Purple, Who Rose There?, I like the way you Mauve, Wet Cement, Earl Grey, Quadratic Quartz, Amazon Lime, The Slate Gatsby, Abyssal Demon Black, Taken for Granite, Chrome Alone, Chrome Alone 2 Lost in New York, Dark Chocolate, Bison, Teal Madrid, Dafoe Merlot, Stainless Teal, Minimum Sage, Missile Toad, Tanzania Sangria, Lincoln Log Cabin, Warm Muffin, Greek Olive, Fuchsia, Cinnabar, Cinnamon, Cinnabun, Bay Leaf, Omelette Du Fromage, Onyxia, Barrens Brown, Mulgore Green, Undercity Ochre, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Blueno Mars, Windu Purple, Jeff Goldblum, What the Phlox, Plumbus Pink, Red Sheeran, Crème Brûlée, Fuschia-rama, Corn Flower Power, Mjolnir Magenta, Red Zeppelin, Darth Mauve, Dreadnought Black, Disappearing Rum, Toasted Coconut, Gold Shoulder

Color Combinations

N/A, I just want a single color theme, RGB, Rainbow Rocky Road, Sundae Sunday, Viva Las Vegas, Ochre and Splendor, Banana Split, Pasta Salad, Neon Nuance, Vaporwave, Cyberpunk 2077, Rust and Blood, 1337, Spartan 117, Magenta and Mangoes, Game of Thrones, Black and Gold, Bumblebee Black and Yellow, Noctua Theme, Peaches and Cream, Sugar and Spice, Powerpuff Trio, Black and White and Red All Over, Whiskey Business, Biscuits and Gravy, Maple Syrup Story, Composite Black, Carbon Fiber (printed), Stone Cold Cold Stone Creamery, Set Phasers to Fun, Beers Cheers, 3 Musketeers, Rivets and Trees, Caps Lock, Captain Planet, Aqua and Omega, Imperial Eggnog, Imperial Star Destroyer, Eso-Turmeric, Lavender Locksmith, Electric Banana, Red Vs. Blue, ROY G BIV, Orange you gonna say Banana, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Black and Blues, Sage Tangerine, Sumptuous & Sanguine, Blues Brothers, Ornamentarium, Lightsabers, Neon Carrot, Neon Demons, Hops & Sours, Champagne Dinner, Butter Rum, Laser Lemon, 5th Level Laser Lotus, Space Junk, Nuclear Winter, Nuclear Waste, Spider Pig, Dark Amethyst, Mystery Machine, Toxic Topiary, Blackwing Lair, Noxious Naxxramas, Dark Souls, Light Souls, Fire & Ice, Living Room Furniture, Chips Alloy, Bloodstone Brick, Caution Tape, Palette Town, Crash Test Dummy, Midnight Dream, Season's Greetings, Intel vs. AMD, Nvidia vs. AMD, Power Supply, Thunderstorm, Full Moon, Eclipse, Galaxy, Planetary, Matrix Code } Gliese 581C, Hubble Bubble, Slice of Pi, Kaleidoscope, Fried Quarks, Kepler-420A, Parachute, Montezuma's Revenge, Portal Gun, Chai Latte, 5 Spice, 6 Spice, Allspice, Old Spice, New Spice, The Spice is Right, Arrakis Overture, Bada Bling, Push to Talk, Paintball, Ballroom Dancing, Follow the Light, Abraham Lincoln Log Cabin, Alien Earwax, Jawbreaker (layers), Sportball, Bowling for Soup, Cottage Core, Lunarcore, Cybergoth, Cottage Punk, Steamcore, Dieselpunk, Arcanopunk, Eye of Newt, Eye of Sauron, Infinity Stones, Atompunk, Dark Matters, Gray Matters, Clownin' Around, Garbage Punk, Vitamin Water, Christmas Sweater, Eastern Analog, Magical Realism, Poor Wizard, Rich Wizard, Magic Spectrum, Wes Anderson, Sassy Salamander, Nanopunk, Biopunk, Oryx and Cake, Lousy Watermelon, Raytraced Suns, Rocket Raccoon (NOT Marvel related), Cookie Monster Blues, Down in Flames, Balloon Pilot, Marbles, Lost & Found, Lemon Cake, Artesian Region, Alabaster Astronaut, Redshift, Power Rangers, Park Rangers, Diet Kpop, Poison Dart Frog, Alien Abalone, Vexilology, Queen Anne's Revenge, Bank Holiday, Americana, Fruit Hyperloop, Puppacino, Rainy Day, Ace of Spades, Two Weeks Notice, Polar Express, Pickled Peppers, Dijon Mustard, Impossible Burger, Fish Tacos, Taco Tuesday, Ghost Pepper, Mai Tai, Pineapple Fondue, Margarita Pizza, I'm Walkin' Here, Neutron Pepper, Guacamole Surprise, Guacamole Grenadier, Grenadine Goblins, Shirley Temple, Frosted Flakes, Cybernetic Core, Napalm Sugar, Sour Cream & Onions, Mac & Cheese, Mac & PC, Terminator, 5/7 with Rice, Sushi Dinner, Geology Rocks, Keep Summer Safe, That's the Way the News Goes, Butter Passage, Quantum Leap, Pearls Before Swine, Modern Mayhem, Video Games, Movies & TV, Hipsterism, Eggs & Bacon, Lasagna, Rubber Ducks, Classic Arcade, Neoclassical Arcade, Bathtub Submarine, Nightshade, Ice Age, Aquarium, Vivarium, Terrarium, Lotus Petals, Pocket Monsters, Contagious Enthusiasm, Full Contact Origami, Citrus Orchard, Gothic Annulment, Best in Show, Rhetoric & Morty, Insider Trading, Breakfast for Dinner, Cat's Pajamas, It's a Rescue, Polymorph, Power Word Krill, Pocket Sand, Summon Greater Indiana Jones, Mage Foot, Shellfish Swarm, Wall of Bees, Acid Trip, Conjured Tavern, Lich Queen, The Four Horsemen, Cone of Quiche, Eldritch Horror Jamboree, Maximilian’s Pyramid Scheme, Florida Man, Iron to Gold, Jury Duty, Paladin’s Patience, Transmute Idaho, Glyph of Hoarding, Archer’s Floppy Arrows, Divine Flavor, Wall of Text, Antigravitation, Cape Change, Timestamp, Stamp Collector, Zoonautical Engineering, Cloud of Clout, Feigned Interest, Mimes, Dented Reality, Questgiver, Copywriter’s Strike, Glitter & Gold, Health & Mana, Time Walk, Trebuchet Tremors