7″ Internal Screen for Lian Li XL and other cases


This 7″ HD screen fits in the rear fan slot of the build on a Lian Li Dynamic XL and plugs into USB for power and display port/HDMI for signal. It behaves exactly like a secondary monitor and can play ANYTHING, not just gifs like the Z73 coolers! This is MUCH crazier and much more expandable.

A custom bracket secures the screen to the rear of the build and 4 common fan screws are all you need to install it! The process takes just seconds. No fuss required.



Product description

Dimensions: 188mm tall, 118mm wide, ~20mm thick.

1. 7" HD screen
2. USB power cable
3. HDMI cable [you can add adapter]
4. 3D printed bracket
5. 4x fan screws

Please inquire for variants not listed here, or for other models for other cases. 

Note: you can put this ANYWHERE a 120mm fan fits, BUT it may have clearance issues and cable length issues with other cases. You may need to be creative with how you route the USB and display cables, and it is not guaranteed in any case that is not the Lian Li dynamic XL. It SHOULD work in most full tower cases with a larger 120/140mm rear fan area, but it is MUCH taller than a 120mm fan, so please keep this in mind! 

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