The dwarf planet lends its name to a space efficient space-age SFF case built from modern materials and designed to complement any desk, or spaceship.

Pluto is an 12 liter powerhouse in a small package, placing a clear focus on elegant form and practical functionality. As seen in the popular Ark case, we have integrated sustainable hardwood elements into Pluto, underscoring a brand new paradigm of case design – available only at Artesian Builds.

Be one of the earliest to bring Pluto home to Earth with the…

The first 100 units bear this special designation. These are all production units, not prototypes, but we wanted to do something special to show our appreciate for your early help in getting this project off the ground. Your box and case may contain additional goodies and we’ll be more willing to furnish/sell you “upgrades” like unique colorways, exotic wood choices, and other special options.

  • Pluto is 100% made in America by companies focused on the ethical sourcing of materials
  • The case is capable of housing 2X 240mm radiators for open loop setups [although slim 120mm fans are required], or 1X 240mm AIO, along with large GPUs up to RTX 3090 (PCBs not exceeding 290mm).


  • Dimensions overall: 336x332x142mm [listing may contain dimensions of the outer SHIPPING BOX, not Pluto itself]
  • Custom metal colors are available on a limited basis, as well as resin inlay for wood pieces, so please inquire if that interests you.


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