As part of OTK, Mizkif wouldn’t ordinarily have a special page all about him… except that he actually received a special Partner PC in early 2021 that we just can’t help but keep talking about! Built in one of the most unique PC cases on the planet, a $5000 WINBOT sphere, his $10000+ PC is an immediate show-stopper! Since his community jokingly calls him an egg, or something like that, we knew the spherical case would be just PERFECT for him! It ships in a giant wooden crate and absolutely has no equal in the PC world… so if you want one, fewer than 5 still exist and Artesian Builds just might have one spare! You can find Mizkif’s wildly popular twitch streams dominating the front page, with variety content, game shows, and much much more! He is currently dating Maya, another Artesian Builds partner and famous creator!

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