Get in the BACKPACK so Clyde can carry you! Clyde’s crew of loyal followers, lovingly known as the “backpack” collectively, have been some of Artesian’s most encouraging and inspiring fans. Although our partnership began in 2020 and more than 100 of Clyde’s fans got amazing PCs through his efforts, Clyde’s partner rig wasn’t finished until March of 2021… when an incredible 15 hour stream with its fair share of challenges led to the eventual creation of “STASIS”, a hardline liquid cooled behemoth inside a custom wrapped LL011 Dynamic XL. Featuring an RTX 3090, 5950X, and one of the rarest motherboards in the world (X570 Aqua), this rig will never quite be copied… although for $12,000+ you can surely try! When using hardline liquid cooling, one does not often try to bend tubes more than ONCE per tube. With more than 30 hours of intricate labor on just the 8 special tubes in this system, we are pleased to report we made it happen.

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