AKA Sam, Classypax streams flight games, roleplay, and whatever else suits his fancy. Fun fact: You’ll find a twig in his list of emotes on Twitch because he once drank a very expensive adult beverage that contained a stick inside the bottle in addition to the actual liquid, creating an inside joke almost instantly. During the build, Artesian Builds CEO Noah taped a twig cutting from an office plant to the PC. ClassyPax inspired the most unique vinyl wrap Artesian Builds ever produced, and spawned one of the most gifted subs in a stream of all time, with more than 3000 subscriptions registered! This incredible feat pays homage to a super dedicated community who really love their streamer, and we do too! The O11 Dynanmic XL case was vinyl wrapped through more than a dozen complex processes, leading to a one-of-a-kind final product that became a real head turner. Made to look like a box that had been damaged in shipping, the system is a real eye-catcher and sometimes a head-scratcher if you don’t know that inside lurks an RTX 3090 STRIX and beastly 5950X CPU.

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