A mysteriously powerful force emanates from AdmiralBahroo and his army of jade-obsessed pandas! One of the largest streamers on the entire twitch platform, Bahroo rose to fame playing a variety of games and entertaining his incredibly enthusiastic community. As of April 2nd, 2021 he is V-tubing full time, debuting a brand new richly decorated avatar with his signature panda, Umeru, being held lovingly by caretaker “Sam”. Bahroo is good friends with fellow Vtuber, Momo! During Bahroo’s build stream in spring of 2021, Artesian Builds received over 3300 gifted subs, making it one of the most gifted partner builds of all time! Among many prizes, Bahroo earned a real jade pendant of “RooJade”, one of his emotes, along with TONS of giveaways for the community! Bahroo’s PC was constructed in a huge Cooler Master Cosmos case featuring a glass etching of one of his favorite emotes.

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