Known by her fans as the “wingman queen” and “A nice Canadian girl with poggers gameplay and even more poggers personality”, something tells us this partner page is anything but ordinary! Brie aka Acie is a Canadian full time Twitch streamer who loves gaming [Apex Legends] and just chatting with her community. She discovered her love for gaming at a young age and with her fun and vibrant energy she loves playing any type of game from shooters to MMOs and many more, depending on her mood. Outside of gaming and Twitch, Brie would love to travel the world and wants to visit many more countries, especially the warm and sunny ones. If she’s not streaming or on social media, she’s likely with her friends and family or hanging with her cat Zoey. Acie has an absolute beast of an Artesian PC that her chat upgraded for her during the build’s live stream in summer 2021. It features custom vinyl wraps, a GPU plate, and a super rare integrated monitoring screen inside the case. During her stream she was also gifted a Herman Miller X Logitech Embody chair (ok she bought this for herself…), a whole mini fridge, and tons of other goodies!

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