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Halo. Gears of War. Call of Duty. Fortnite. Apex Legends. If there is a shooter that NickMercs hasn’t mastered, it’s likely still in closed Alpha testing.

A die-hard controller player, his ability on the sticks is something that other players have grown to both fear and respect. And yet, despite an incredible amount of gaming prowess, NickMercs’s workout streams are also incredibly popular. With flexible content, incredible clips, and an extremely dedicated following, NickMercs has surged to the top of Twitch. His love for gaming also extends to his love for his community. More than once, NickMercs has hosted massive events for his fans, including the MFAM BBQ ’21, which took place in Tampa, Florida on September 18th.

Launching a partnership with such an outstanding content creator, Artesian is thrilled to include NickMercs and the MFAM as a part of its community. In addition to the incredible system put together for the man himself, Artesian Builds has partnered with NickMercs for multiple giveaways, and will be adding two incredible products to its line: The MFAM and The Spartan. The former is a midrange system perfect for those who are eager to charge into battle. The latter is a top-of-the-line powerhouse, designed to be as unstoppable as an advancing phalanx.

Eliminate the enemy with MFAM powered by Nickmercs

  • Lock in your frames with 30 series NVIDIA GPUs

  • Loaded for bear in the EATX ready Phaneks Pro 2

  • Light it up with Addressable RGB aesthetics



Halt the enemy advance with The Spartan by NickMercs

  • Decimate the lobby by commanding high FPS GPUs.

  • Call on the best of Intel’s CPUs and Motherboards

  • Make a statement with a 15 RGB fan salute



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