Frequently Asked Questions

If your question was not answered here, please feel free to email us at [email protected], or send a message in our support Discord

Yes! We pride ourselves on live streaming every single PC we build via our Twitch channel Twitch.Tv/ArtesianBuilds. If you would prefer that we not build your order live, just let us know!

You will receive an email from our support team the week before your build is scheduled, the day before your build, and as it is being brought on camera for the livestream.

This depends very much on the specific parts in your PC order. Generally speaking, it will take around 3-4 weeks between when your order is placed, to when it is built live on Twitch. High-demand CPUs and GPUs may have a longer wait time, and we try to reflect that as accurately as we can in our part selector when building out your PC on our website.

Yes, just put your request in the comments section when purchasing your PC and we will do what we can to facilitate it. But remember, parts allocation and logistics of locations can be a factor in us denying the request. Some builders have long queues already and it may add to the wait time.

We benchmark every PC we build overnight to ensure every component is operating at peak performance. Most PCs ship out 1 to 2 business days after it is completed. Unfortunately some PCs require more care than others and may require a few more days to ensure they are up to the level we can be proud of.

We ship anywhere in the world where it is legal to ship!

Yes! We can add, change, or remove components right up until your PC is built. Please contact our customer service specialists.  In your message, please include your order number and the change you wish to make.  We will send you a separate custom order invoice. Once that is processed, your order is upgraded!

We work directly with distributors to obtain the best quality components from brands such as AMD, Intel, ASUS, ASRock, MSI, Zotac, Corsair, NZXT, Phanteks, and many more. The PC builder tool on our website reflects which brands can be reasonably selected. But with incredible demand and always-shifting stock (notably, for GPUs), we sometimes default to what is readily available or will be restocked first. If you have a preference for a certain brand, just ask! Understand that this may incur additional cost or wait time.

Almost none! Simply dust off the fans and radiator unit every few months and
your PC should operate for years to come with no issues. Using a vacuum or
electronics-focused dust blower is ideal. We use this one and it works great:

Nope! Our PCs use liquid cooling but it is all self-contained. No special
maintenance is required for these parts.You get all the benefits of high end liquid
cooling and none of the hassle.
“Open loop liquid cooling” refers to a different type of cooling and is much more
specialized. Systems like this require much more maintenance and are always
built on a customer-by-customer basis. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through
everything you need to know here – but it’s much more info than could fit in this
guide. [Link to more guidance here from YT:

We absolutely do. Expect to pay $100-400 for shipping and fees to import to your
country. Certain systems going to certain countries may cost more than this.
However, given the cost of hardware parts around the world, this can still save
you money over purchasing locally. Please contact support for any in-depth

We offer a best-in-class 5 year parts 3 year labor warranty which ensures your
PC will operate well for years to come! Some parts in each system will have
warranties up to 10 years! These are available to any customer in addition to
Artesian Builds’ existing warranty.

Various software programs accessible via Windows can be used to easily control
the lights in your system. ASUS’s Armoury Crate, Corsair iCUE, and other
programs let you control illumination settings for the devices in your system. All
programs come pre-installed. Please note that different RGB software may be
necessary to control different elements in the same system.
ASUS Aura (inside Armoury Crate) controls most Artesian Builds’ motherboards,
as we use ASUS most often.

RGB Fusion controls Gigabyte boards.

Asrock Polychrome controls Asrock boards.

MSI Dragon Center controls MSI boards.

EVGA Precision X1 can control EVGA graphics cards.

Yes. Windows 10 will be shipped fully installed and active with all systems unless
otherwise noted. In 2022 it is likely Windows 11 will take its place. You can
upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10 at any time for free.

Can I get Linux installed instead? Yes. Just request Linux and we’d be happy to
help with this, but our service may be more limited as our representatives are
trained to respond to Windows requests more often and systems are warrantied
in terms of software with Windows installations in mind.

1-4 monitors may be used with the majority of our systems, although some entry
level PCs may support only 3.

With two graphics cards, up to 8 monitors can be supported! Specialized
attachment cards can be purchased to allow up to 16 monitors to be deployed,
but this is expensive and challenging – and should only be used for “advertising”
purposes like large store displays and sporting arenas; as this configuration is
definitely not designed for gaming.

TIP: Always plug your monitor into the graphics card. Your graphics card will
have horizontal slots below the rear I/O of your motherboard. (see our System
Start Guide for further instructionsl)

It is completely safe to leave a PC running virtually indefinitely, but it will use a
small amount of power even in standby modes. To conserve power, we
recommend turning your system off when not in use.

WIndows Defender is a very effective and completely free antivirus tool. It comes
with all installations of Windows and is ON by default. Just let it do its thing. Do
not waste money paying for separate services that claim to be better. They are
not better.

Artesian Builds will respond to service requests from any customer at any time,
even after the warranty periods have expired.

Service, repair, replacement, and upgrades will adopt normal costs.

Please contact Artesian Builds for help with extended warranties, which are
addressed on a case-by-case basis. In most circumstances your system will last
until you are ready for your next upgrade.

Remember to plug your monitor into the graphics card (it will have multiple
display ports and HDMI connectors ONLY) and not the motherboard. (see

Make sure your system is powered on, cables are plugged in and working, and
that the power switch on the back is flipped on ( I ), not off ( O ).

Occasionally Nvidia will release new drivers, which are available here:

For AMD GPUs please visit:

A “GPU” or “Graphics Processing Unit” is a special type of computer chip
(and overall device) designed specifically to output images on a display
device such as a monitor, TV, or projector. They can also be used to
compute complex mathematical or graphical problems/simulations.

A CPU (central processing unit) is the central component of your PC. It
controls the logic, control, input/output, and arithmetic that enables the
computer to perform many tasks. The CPU is essentially the brain of your
computer and without it, your computer will not even turn on.

There are two primary producers of processors: Intel and AMD. There are
slight functional differences that an average user won’t always be able to
notice. They compete fiercely and both perform well.

A “PSU” or “Power Supply Unit” is a component within a system that allows your
PC to receive power. It plugs into a wall socket or a socket on a power
strip/surge protector (recommended). [we like the brand Tripp Lite for these]

PSUs for PCs are generally 500-1000 Watts, and can use as much energy as a
refrigerator or other large kitchen appliance at full power – but some PC
processes take as little energy as running a lightbulb. Efficiency is key here, and
PC supplies deployed by Artesian Builds are all gold certified or better!

If you don’t flip the switch on the back of your PSU (at the rear of your PC case),
your system may not power on – so be sure to do this when getting started.

This largely depends on what you want to install. Attach additional storage or
other devices via USB connectors at the front or rear of your system, or bravely
venture under the hood (inside the paneling of the PC) where you are free to
tinker with and upgrade your system.

Artesian Builds can provide some advice on upgrading your system, of course,
but we do not warranty parts that we did not ship with your system – and cannot
be liable for damage caused by improper installation of your own parts or
improper removal of parts we originally installed. Be careful and ask an expert for
help if needed. [We have substantial guide resources available]

It’s completely normal for a PC to be warm or even hot to the touch across
various surfaces, especially under heavy load. The chips inside can safely reach
temperatures of about 70-80C) without breaking a sweat, and they are designed
to do this. The fans and liquid cooling systems inside your computer send this
heat away from the system and out the back/sides/top, so keep the system in a
well ventilated area and use air conditioning when needed. Most people will not
experience a significant change in room temperature due to a PC operating

When not running complex programs or games, the PC will usually not be very
warm and will not be consuming much power. Utilizing the CPU and GPU more
intensely uses up power and produces more heat.

We build almost all orders on our Twitch channels. Our current estimated lead
time between the placing of an order and your LIVE build is 3-6 weeks. Please note that some configurations may take longer or less time than others. To inquire about wait times for specific orders, please reach out to us at [email protected]
We ask that all potential business clients inquire for bulk production as this must
be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Sometimes generous people, friends, strangers, and fans of our brand will
donate money LIVE on Twitch to upgrade PC builds as they are built! This
amazingly fun process is wonderful to see but never guaranteed. Hundreds of
systems have been upgraded LIVE! HOWEVER: Please order the build you want
from our website, as the random generosity of strangers should never be taken
as a given or taken for granted.

Can your friends and family come and donate to upgrade your build? Absolutely.
If you’re arranging a complicated event with lots of people who want to come see
your build live, please message the team to coordinate — do not wait until the last
moment to ask, as scheduling requires precision and pre-planning.

140mm fans cost more and are larger, they are also quieter as they can move
the same amount of air as a 120mm fan while spinning more slowly. Some cases
support them and some cases do not. 95%+ of builds with Artesian Builds use
120mm fans because standardizing is great and 140mm fans are often
overpriced and they also don’t fit in every PC case. If you’d like to request larger
fans specifically, please let us know. The actual noise difference is barely
noticeable to the human ear.

You sure can! We can use more than 300 different types of wood and infinite
variants of resin patterns/inlays to create unique designs. We can even use
exotic materials like dinosaur bone, recycled ocean plastics, old coins,
steampunk gears, carbon fiber, and marble to make your custom case.

100% you sure can and we even encourage it. You can request anything that
can be legally imported into the USA, custom built here, or otherwise shaped
into, placed inside, or mounted on a PC case.

Terminator skull? Dinosaur bone? HUGE hyper tower chassis? Death
star? Diorama of the apartment from Friends? Pirate ship? Rocket ship?
Giant box of cookies? Comically large mango? → all yes.

A mystery build is the term we use for a build when a customer wants to set their
budget but leave individual parts and creative control up to Artesian Builds’ staff
(and especially Noah). Please let us know if you’d like a build like this. We just
need a general direction to go and your budget.

It behaves just like a monitor! It’s plugged into the graphics card in the back and
you can simply drag and drop anything you want onto it like another monitor!
Play videos, display overlays/data feeds, loop gifs, do whatever you wish!

A surge protector or power strip can help isolate your PC from wall power in the event of a power surge, lightning strike, or other irregular electrical event.

Artesian Builds always suggests using a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
especially on more high end systems. This is an external device that provides
power in the event of a power surge or black out, and will insulate your system

On the west coast we have a very cool, very expensive, very powerful magnetic
levitator that is used to show off products! It can hold up to 10 freaking pounds!

If you would like a magnetic levitator in your build, you can have a smaller
version for under $1000 (as low as $500-700 depending on your build). They can
fit in larger PC cases relatively easily, or atop them. They will not damage PC
components inside. Smaller levitators may be used to show off certain PC parts
(not connected to PC), 3d models, and more! (small figurines, character models,
and logos work great for this!)

Modern, high-quality PC components are so well-built and so well-shielded that even a direct hit from a statically charged source is unlikely to damage them.

You should still be as careful as you feel is necessary and avoid building/working
on your system on carpet.

If you are worried about static electricity, simply touch the outer metal casing of
your PC whenever working on it. This will ground you and discharge static.

When plugged in, your power cable additionally grounds the PC and makes it
very hard for static to cause any issues.

The PCs built by Artesian Builds are constructed in a low-static environment by
people wearing rubber-soled shoes and standing on rubber mats. It is extremely
unlikely that static buildup will occur.

Absolutely! A large percentage of our clientele upgrade their order after
purchase. Up until the day of your build you can change anything you want.
Please note that some changes, especially major exchanges can lead to
delaying your LIVE build.

Send us a message at [email protected] for any upgrade requests!

Yes you can, but please message us to confirm details before placing an order.
We reserve the right to warranty only parts we purchase and deploy from our
own supply, however. This does not mean we will not SERVICE the machine, it
just means that warranties of parts not purchased from Artesian Builds will not be
free. 🙂

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