Customer Experience

Step 1: Share your ideas, get in touch, & get the perfect computer designed just for you!

Don’t miss partner builds (PC creations crafted for our amazing ambassadors and partners) which often feature big giveaways as well!

Our website has tons of resources to help you pick exactly what you need, check out our knowledge base called “The Drive” for more information on specific parts, and to learn about all things PC related.

Want a free cheesecake? A new pair of socks? A copy of the novel dune? Order a PC while watching our twitch stream and you might be randomly selected for a bonus like this! Rewards are not always active! but they’re always awesome. You won’t find fun random perks like this anywhere else. [I mean if you do, tell us about it!]

Step 2: Get involved, ask questions, change things around (if you want to)

More than 50% of our customers make a change to their order after purchasing! And that’s 100% ok.

As you hang out with us on twitch and learn about how PCs work, what parts are best, or how your specific system might look… it’s totally normal to upgrade, sidegrade, or even downgrade certain components. We’ll work with you to make sure your rig is a match for your exact needs. As always, don’t be afraid to ask questions. We can even help you out and chat LIVE.

Step 3: Be part of the experience, live

Before the day of your build, we’ll email you, text you, or even call you to make sure you’re available to see it live. Miss the event? You can always catch it on our twitch replays which stick around for at least a month.

When it’s time for the action, check out our awesome streams (your build might even appear on our new channels with new hosts sometimes!) and talk to the builder/s making your rig a reality!

Friends, fans, or random strangers can upgrade your build by donating subscriptions, bits, and engaging in other fun ways with the stream!

Artesian Builds donates over 100% of all proceeds from our streams directly back to the customers and clients who are watching their PCs get built (in the form of perks, upgrades, giveaways, etc).

Step 4: Bench testing

After the build, you can still request changes but please be aware this can increase time required before shipping! 

We bench test everything in your PC for at least 24 hours, so it might be a day or two or more before your system ships out. We want your rig to be perfect when you receive it.

Step 5: Shipping

After the rigorous bench testing, your PC is ready to ship straight to your doorstep. We carefully pack your PC to assure that no damage will occur while it is traveling to you.

If you need to change your shipping address at any point, that is 100% ok.

The experience doesn’t end when you receive your new PC. Post a picture of your setup on on our Discord, follow us on socials, and don’t forget to check out more awesome builds on Twitch! 

If you’re a streamer and you want to grow with us, check out our Ambassador application and get paid to refer people to buy awesome PCs from Artesian Builds! You can also take advantage of special perks, giveaways, and other tools only available to our Ambassadors and Partners.

Want to craft something awesome for us to sell in our shop? We work with incredible Artisans around the country and across the world to bring you custom gear, tools, tech, apparel, home goods, and more!

Reach out to our Product team: [email protected]

Support Discord:

If you have any questions about the whole thing, don’t be a stranger! Feel free to ask.

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