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The Avium

Sustainable, affordable, hardwood PC

Is your desk ready for AVIUM?

We set out to design something truly individual, and it has arrived: From the mind of our talented designer, Dmitry, comes the AVIUM hardwood chassis. A sleek and unique case made with gorgeous wood that’s ready to revolutionize the Small Form Factor market.

Solid Wood Avium Cases

From: $289

Limited Edition Resin Inlaid Avium Cases

From: $489

Want a pc built in this case?

Avium was born from asking two major questions

With the strain that PC parts put on the environment, how can we make at least the computer case a lot more sustainable?

How can we make it a truly beautiful and functional product that defies what one might typically imagine in a desktop PC?

To answer these two questions, we knew we wanted to use sustainable hardwoods and a minimal metal chassis, without making any compromises on the technology that could be placed inside. Four pieces of wood form the overall structure of Avium, and the ultra-unique look of the resin adds to the overall aesthetic of the piece.

No other PC case in the world uses this much wood as a core element of its construction. More than three quarters of this chassis is made from a gorgeous, sustainable wood of your choice. Avium’s “glass ceiling” represents another rarity in PC design, made of a custom 1/4 inch tempered stock (double the normal thickness) and available in a variety of finishes such as blue tone, bronze, and even ocean-ripple. If you’re aiming to make your product truly one-of-a-kind, exotic woods, larger frames and alternative finishes are available by request.

Accommodating GPUS up to 300mm in length, even an enormous RTX 3090 or other 3 slot large cards can fit inside Avium’s dedicated GPU compartment. This compartment thermally isolates the GPU and gives it ample room to breathe from the side of the case and from below. Beside the motherboard, 2 SSD mounts and a 240mm AIO mount complete the perfectly tailored hardware envelope. The case even accommodates custom liquid cooling with space enough for a 1-slot water-cooled GPU to be mounted with a pump and flat reservoir. AVIUM can also be raised off the table with rubber feet of various heights if additional clearance beneath the chassis is desired. All together, the case represents a totally new approach to the SFF genre, paired with the unparalleled customization only found at Artesian Builds and will hopefully inspire amazing builds in the years to come!

Check out a few of our favorite Avium cases:

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