Our systems are built with the unparalleled precision that can only come from the hands of experts. Singularly made. Hand-crafted. Artesian Builds.

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We deliver unrivaled service when constructing custom PCs for our clients. We build PCs for everyone from wedding photographers to 3D modelers, from competitive gamers to casual movie watchers, and everything in between. Our systems are meant to be as flexible as the person who uses them. We build for amateurs, professionals, gamers and designers. You know what you need. We know what it takes.

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Our hardware expertise allows us to create gaming PCs that are also works of art. We bring both quality and aesthetic to the forefront of our systems, ensuring that your Artesian Build looks as good as it runs. Custom glass etchings, stunning RGB elements and more, all made with top-of-the-line components.


As gamers we, know that every frame matters. As streamers, we know you need a smooth broadcast. We offer fantastic systems at all budgets so your game, be it a AAA masterpiece or competitive E-sport title performs flawlessly on and off camera. Every system is rigorously tested as a unit and protected by our industry leading warranty.


We’re obsessed with quality and it shows in everything we do. Our parts list is expansive and flexible. Each is selected with the knowledge that it’s from a brand that even the most stringent of Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts respect and love. Artesian Builds only uses name-brand, industry leaders to fill our systems with the absolute best.

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